You need help staying organized, on track and on deadline

Market research projects are complex. Field managers often work with many people across even a single project — discussion guide designers, recruiters, interviewers, facilities, translation and transcription firms, report writers, internal constituents and of course, clients. The more cooks in the kitchen, the more moving parts, the more inevitable mistakes and delays become. 

You need to know what’s going on. How many interviews were scheduled for that segment? How many have been completed? Has the audio been sent for transcription? Which transcripts are done and not done? What’s been received and not received? Have any problems been experienced and what’s been done about them? When will things be finished?

Babbletype is built to think about projects, not just files and transcripts

We have worked on projects consisting of hundreds of interviews across 10 languages and a dozen markets with multiple segments each. We help keep it all straight and on track. 

When we take your order, that order is for a specific project. If your project has multiple parts, we document and track them separately. We work with you to know how many interviews are expected in each part, and when they are expected. We routinely report to you what we have received in each market, what’s in progress, and what has not yet been received. If components of your project are not received when expected, we’ll let you know. We’ll help you liaise with facilities to ensure recordings get where they need to go. When we invoice, we do so by your project and project parts, so everything is simple and clear. 

Industrial strength file management

Here’s something that sounds trivial but isn’t: file naming. Each recording we receive from you is tagged with project, project part, and a file number. If you’ve shared the data with us, we also track market, segment and respondent ID, which helps us spot when we receive files that are incorrectly tagged. 

Our file management system shares everything with you and helps keep everything organized. The inbound drop folders we share with you are organized by project and sub-project, so you can work with us on multiple simultaneous projects without crossing any wires. The outbound folders share everything we have received from you, and everything we have worked on, on a project-by-project basis. You can find your original recordings, production versions of the same, your transcripts, supporting materials and invoices related to the project all permanently stored for your use. You’ll be notified when a file is received into production, and as soon as it’s completed.

See Sending and Receiving Work for more information on Babbletype’s file collaboration system. 

The last stop

Transcription and translation are generally the last stop before the report gets written, so we know where you stand against your deadline. We know what we’ve received, what we haven’t yet received, and how long it will take us to complete any task, so we also know the earliest likely date you can start your report. If interviews inbound to us are late and your project is about to go off the rails, you’ll hear it from us first.