Custom transcript design

Babbletype is happy to make modifications to the look and feel of our transcript templates to match your specific needs. You can request changes to headers, footers, font, font size, line spacing, interviewer and respondent formatting, etc., for no additional charge. 

You can also provide us with a custom template in MS Word format that you prefer to use, and we will modify it to fit our production processes. A Template Customization fee is required. Your template should not contain any complex document elements or include any unique data entry methods. For security, any identifying client name or contact information is redacted from all templates.

Custom transcription methods

You can also request simple changes to how we transcribe to match your specific preferences at no additional charge. This can include sections of content to skip, locations to begin or end transcribing, elimination of personally identifiable information, etc. 

If you have more complex requirements that are quite different from our standard transcription products, we will work with you to fully document the transcription method you need. A Template Customization fee is required. 

Custom process needs

Babbletype is all about process, and has extensive experience in building completely custom products and production processes for clients with large volumes of work they need done in a highly specific way, and with specific cost and turnaround targets. Contact us at 888-678-7782 to discuss your specific needs.