Extended editing: 
$1.00 per audio minute for English transcription
$2.00 per audio minute for translation

Babbletype’s goal is to provide commercial quality transcripts as quickly as possible, at the lowest possible price. Commercial quality means that the transcript is completely usable for all typical commercial requirements but is not 100% error free (we target a 99% or better accuracy rate). 

If you require 99.9% error-free, near-publication-ready work, order our editing add-on service. When ordered, your transcripts will be fully audio reviewed by a second transcriptionist or translator to further polish editorial quality and content accuracy.

This service adds one day to turnaround time. 

Extended audio preparation: $0.50 per audio minute

This option is added if your supplied audio requires extensive preparation before it can be placed into production. This includes time-consuming format conversions (such as from WebEx, cassette tape and proprietary video editing system formats),as well as extensive assembly, trimming, editing, repair or similar preparation.

Additional paid production step: $0.50 per audio minute

This option is added if your work requires additional post-production work after our standard process is completed. Uses include timestamp removal, integration of the transcript with other materials, multi-recording transcript assembly, etc.

Expedited delivery: $1.00 per audio minute

If you require delivery in one day (by 4:30PM of the day following receipt), order this service. English recordings only.

Video time coding: $0.50 per audio minute

If you require extensive time coding for video applications, order this service. Each line of content will be timestamped. Non-zero recording starting times can be requested.

Detailed focus group attribution: $1.00 per audio minute

Our focus group product includes basic attribution at no charge. Respondents identified by name regularly throughout the recording, and who have distinguishable voices, are attributed with their names. Those not regularly identified in the recording are attributed as Male Respondent, Female Respondent, or simply Respondent. In circumstances where attribution is not straightforward but where detailed attribution is critical, order this option. Note that 100% accurate attribution may not be possible. Supply a list of respondent names and video, if available.

Custom template preparation: $50.00 one-time fee

You can request simple changes to transcript format, or request simple changes to how we transcribe, at no charge. Order this option if you want to supply a template for Babbletype to use, or if you have extensive custom transcription instructions.

Pricing and terms listed on our website are subject to change at any time by Babbletype and do change with volume. Contact us for a fixed quote or current rate sheet at any time.