Babbletype Employment Opportunities

We are always looking for talented, capable team members who are willing to be as focused on the satisfaction of our customers as we are. Positions for which we are currently actively seeking applications are listed below. 

To apply, email your resume to

Account Sales Representative
QA Specialist/Editor
Customer Service Representative

Inside Account Sales Representative

Experienced inside account sales representatives with an aggressive focus on customer satisfaction are always needed at Babbletype. The position is responsible for developing new business from assigned lists of prospects, for closing new long term sales relationships with qualified leads, and for maintaining and nurturing existing customer relationships. The position is also responsible for staying fully up to date with all company products and services, with market trends, for attending sales meetings, meetings sales goals and quotas, and more. The position will sell transcription services, a very specialized sale, requiring the development of an extensive knowledge and understanding of market research, transcription and the needs to transcription customers.

Candidates should be able to provide records of meeting or exceeding previous sales goals and quotas, should possess a bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience, and should be able to provide a minimum of three professional references for the interview process.


Quality Assurance Associate/Editor

This position represents the final stage of quality control at Babbletype. The position is responsible for fully reviewing all finished transcripts prior to delivery to the customer, for reviewing customer data and notes to ensure a full understanding of detailed project and customer requirements, for ensuring that finished transcripts meet those customer requirements, for making any and all final corrections needed personally to ensure that the customer receives a perfect finished product, for scoring the work of all prior staff involved in the production of the product via review of changes made and work performed at each production step, for making the final decision as to whether the work is at an acceptable level for delivery to the customer, for communicating the history of the project and all relevant information directly to the customer in writing upon delivery, and also for identifying errors and problems in production processes and ensuring that they are corrected via policy and process changes to eliminate future errors of the same type.

Candidates should possess a bachelor’s degree and several years of experience in proofreading or copy editing roles, should have an extensive understanding of the rules of English grammar and typography, should be extremely detail-oriented, should possess highly effective communication skills, as well as the focus and commitment to deliver under deadline pressure and to always put the quality of the product and the satisfaction of the customer first.


Customer Service Representative

This position is ground zero of customer satisfaction at Babbletype. The position is responsible for interacting directly with customers via the telephone and written communications regarding live orders, for fully understanding the scale and timing of the customer’s requirements, for ensuring the effective intake, receipt and review of all inbound work, for interviewing the customer to fully understand and document the customer’s specific needs, preferences and requirements (both for a specific order and for all orders from that customer), for working with the customer to acquire all available support information and materials to improve the quality of the work produced, for issuing clear and complete instructions to internal production functions, and for resolving any and all issues and concerns that arise to ensure the customer’s complete satisfaction.

Candidates should possess a bachelor’s degree and several years of experience in in-house customer support roles, extensive computing and organizational skills, as well as highly effective communication and problem solving skills.